Give Your Business Personality

The best hotels, restaurants, and spas set the mood for their clients. They provide places for people to connect. So often we gather together around tables to share food or conversation. Artcanvas Tabletops are a conversation piece. The tables are designed to your specifications with removable art that can be changed through the seasons.  The work of accomplished artists is paired with the work of experienced woodworkers and metal workers to create tables that house beautiful art that will reflect the personality of your business and set the tone for your space.

Meet N Lynn Mathews

Artcanvas Tabletops is the vision and creation of Lynn Mathews, Interior Designer and Project Manager. She will work with a professional team to design your space. Her creativity extends beyond the beautiful tables to every aspect of your design project. Lynn takes interior design in a new direction with the focus on her unique designed tables.

Environments that are not only attractive but also safe and functional inspire Lynn. She will listen to your ideas, take them, and turn them into a beautiful space that reflects your business and clientele.

Artcanvas Tabletops

Artcanvas Tabletops works directly with artists to create these centrepieces. We offer customized or pre-designed tables to suit your decor needs. A range of designs are available. Lynn works with a digital fractal artist as well as a professional photographer. You may choose an existing work, commission a work, or work with an artist of your choosing by displaying it in your business in a beautiful, customized table.

We work with experienced Canadian craftspeople to create your custom tables.  Artcanvas Tabletops are made of solid wood, polished metal, or stainless steel.  The art on canvas image is placed within the housing and tempered glass protects and showcases the beautiful artwork.

As the seasons change you may remove the art and replace it with other images to suit the time of year or the events that you host. You may also choose to display the art on the walls.

Depending on the location of your business, we work with local craftspeople and local artists to design the tables.